Issue 186 Children in Scotland Magazine


Children in Scotland Magazine – Issue 186
June-July 2018

In the June-July edition of Children in Scotland magazine we take a look at some of the issues facing our young people day, and what we could, or should, be doing to help them navigate them, seek support and achieve their potential. Cover stories in this issue include an interview with Duncan Dunlop, Chief Executive of Who Cares? Scotland who argues for more recognition of the importance of relationships for care experienced young people, strengthening their voice and why we need to be changing societal attitudes. We also learn more about the work to recognise and respond to adverse childhood experiences, hear why we need to champion more support for young people feeling isolated and alone, and hear from the Glasgow school teaching all of its pupils British Sign Language.

Elsewhere in this issue we hear how we can promote a good food nation and ensure food security for our future generations, reflect on how Finland deliver youth justice, and what we can implement in Scotland, and discuss the anticipated impact of Universal Credit – and more!

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