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Inclusiveness for all: challenging gender stereotypes and building healthy relationships in early primary settings (Half day)


06/02/2019 09:30






About this event

There is mounting evidence demonstrating that gender inequality and stereotyping underpin the attitudes which normalise violence, as well as producing other negative consequences.

This session, based on research compiling the views of teachers, parents and early primary school children will consider how we as practitioners can work together to actively promote inclusiveness for all, challenge unhelpful gender stereotypes and encourage healthy relationships at all ages – including among nursery and early primary aged children.

Key learning:

  • Understanding the research background and work currently being carried out with children aged 5-8 on encouraging healthy relationships
  • Exploring current resources available to teachers, parents and practitioners to foster enabling environments free from gender stereotypes
  • Recommendations to put in place in your own setting to promote inclusiveness.

Facilitator bio

Zero Tolerance is a charity working to end men’s violence against women. It began in 1992 with a ground breaking poster campaign, which brought the issue of domestic abuse out from behind closed doors and into public consciousness and asserted that violence against women was never acceptable.

Zero Tolerance’s vision is of a world without men’s violence against women, (VAW); in which women have full gender equality and human rights are upheld. In working towards this vision, it aims to raise public and political awareness of its cause and to ensure key sectors and professionals have opportunities to develop their roles, skills, understanding and knowledge in preventing VAW. It also aims to foster collaborations, through campaigning, networking and information sharing, in order to promote gender justice.

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