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Understanding trauma and healing


29/08/2019 09:30






About this event

This training workshop is aimed at anyone who works directly with children and young people who have experienced trauma. It is a basic introduction to trauma, helping you to understand what trauma is, how it’s caused and what its impact can be on children’s health and wellbeing. You will also learn how best to support the children and young people who are affected.

Key learning:

• Understanding what trauma is and how we react to it

• How trauma is experienced in the body and mind

• How behaviour that stems from trauma is understood

• Approaches to help children and young people who have experienced trauma

• Communicating with children and young people about trauma.

Facilitator bio

Jan is an experienced youth worker, specialising in working with young people.  She is a qualified psychotherapist, play therapist and life coach.

Jan has worked in health and social care in various roles throughout her career.  She is a qualified Play and Creative Arts Therapist, an Accredited Adult Psychotherapist and a qualified Coach. Jan has just completed a Certificate in Traumatic Stress with the Trauma Centre at Bessel van der Kolk’s Justice Resource Institute, Brookline, and is in the process of completing her EMDR qualification.  

Jan worked with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in the voluntary sector for almost a decade. This was where she developed her interest in working with attachment and trauma. Jan moved from this area to working in foster care to support children and carers of traumatised children. Today, Jan works with adults with mental health challenges which prevents them from moving into employment. 

Jan has been delivering training for a number of years. She enjoys taking complex subjects and making them accessible to everyone. She believes that theories are important but understanding how they apply in practice is essential if we are to offer best practice to those who use our services.

Jan loves learning new things. She enjoys being creative; embroidery and lapidary are just two of her favourite pastimes.

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