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Early childhood education and care

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The Nurture Factor: Supporting better environments and learning for two year olds

In light of current and future plans for providing funded Early Learning and Childcare for two year olds, there is a need to ensure that our focus is on leading high quality provision delivered by sensitive, skilled, committed and knowledgeable staff. As the number of hours of Early Learning and Childcare continues to increase, and the age of funded entitlement for children becomes younger, we must ensure that quality is not compromised and that we pay special attention to the particular learning and development needs of children, in line with their age and stage.

Although we recognise that children are individuals and develop at different rates, the overall developmental changes between children who have just passed their second birthday and children who have almost reached their third birthday, are enormous.

This one day training workshop has therefore been designed to provide an opportunity for all practitioners working in the Early Learning and Childcare sector to focus on the particular needs of two year old children. We will consider how we can ensure that the environments we create are effective and appropriate so that children have nurturing and high quality learning experiences. For example, we will consider:

• Should two year olds be part of a mixed age range environment or within a dedicated room for two year olds only?

• How do we plan for and manage effective and positive transitions?

• How do we create and support effective environments for 2 year old children?

As well as looking at layouts and resources, we will also consider the importance of schemas, including:

• What are schemas?

• How can we best support and understand children’s learning and development through schemas?

• How do we work with parents and carers so that schemas support, enrich and improve the home learning environment, which is especially important for vulnerable two year olds?

Who should attend

This training is relevant to all practitioners working in the early learning and childcare sector

Facilitator bio

This training is delivered on behalf of Children in Scotland by Early Years Scotland (EYS) - the leading national third sector organisation for children pre-birth to 5.