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Access All Areas and the Pupils' Audit

The Pupils' Audit is a classroom-based programme of activity that can be incorporated into the school curriculum. It stemmed from our Access all Areas project which consulted pupils in schools in the Borders about accessibility. The programme allows pupils to identify what they believe are the most important issues within their school.

Access all Areas

Prior to 2012 the Access All Areas project gathered information from children and young people on accessibility mainly through a consultative approach. The work in schools also included an awareness-raising element within mainstream classes, to improve understanding of disabilities and additional support needs.

The evidence from this work influenced the accessibility strategy that is required from all local authorities. The voices of the children and young people directly helped to improve accessibility in schools in the Scottish Borders.

The Pupils' Audit

From 2012 the emphasis of the project shifted towards developing pupil voice and pupil participation within schools by working directly with teachers and pupils to change cultures within schools. This was achieved through the development of a pupil voice process that has been tried and tested in schools in Eildon East and West.

As a result a resource has been created that is now available to schools in the Scottish Borders for no cost. It can be accompanied by staff training. An adapted version of this process has also been trialled in a secondary school in the Scottish Borders. 

The awareness-raising element of the previous work has been approached through the development of a PSD Unit on disabilities. This interactive unit has been piloted within a secondary school and is now embedded in their PSD programme for all first year pupils.

Read the 2007 Access All Areas report here.  

Download the Pupils' Audit resource here.

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