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Our Vision


Every child and young person is a leader of their learning with parents and carers actively engaged in supporting this.

Schools, early years and other settings are delivering Curriculum for Excellence entitlements and are resourced to do so. Schools are recognised as community hubs of learning and wellbeing for their local communities.

• We will work tirelessly to create a culture where children are empowered to be leaders of their own learning through our engagement with schools, parents and the wider learning communities and our involvement in professional training and development.

• We will work at national and local level on a range of approaches to raise attainment and reduce the attainment gap, and support young people to achieve positive
destinations – especially those experiencing poverty and who require additional support.

• We will develop and deliver a model of using food as a vehicle for the enrichment of learning and community development, using schools as community hubs.

• We will identify a range of support models that will help schools and other settings become community hubs of learning and wellbeing.

For more information contact Jac Lamb, / 0131 222 2323.