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Our Vision

A stronger children's sector

Children in Scotland aims to see Scotland as a nation where all children and young people have equal equal opportunities to thrive and experience high quality services that meet their needs and help them achieve the outcomes to which they themselves aspire.

Children in Scotland is the unifying voice of the children’s sector in Scotland and working along with our members and partners will be a strong and challenging force to bring about transformational change in achieving the wellbeing of every child in Scotland.

  • We will champion the cause of children and their families, demanding that decision-makers ensure that they are at the heart of policy making.
  • We will maximise the power and influence of Scotland’s children’s sector by growing our membership and by building strong partnerships.
  • We will provide the highest quality of services for members by listening and responding positively to their needs and those of the wider sector.

We will provide leadership for our members so that through sharing, learning, facilitating and influencing, we are a combined and powerful force for transformational change throughout the sector.

For more information contact Jac Lamb, / 0131 313 2323.